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This piece is a macquette of two local monuments to our veterans of war.

When asked to design a sculpture for the Black Hills Veterans Memorial, I chose to use the American Bald Eagle. Not only does the eagle appear on many emblems at our Department of Defense, an eagle in its natural environment must, like our troops, be ever vigilant in protecting its territory.

The eagle, when defending its nest or its catch, assumes a mantled position in which its wings are fanned out on its sides. By placing "Vigilance" in this position, yet having it also appear ready to explode into flight, I mean to symbolize that not only must we defend our home, we must also assume a readiness to come to the defense of freedom.

The light that reflects from the polished underside of its protective wings symbolizes the joy of those who do not live under tyranny, who are free to develop to their fullest potential.

Our local veterans wanted a monument at which they could gather and remember their fallen friends and brothers. It was for all of us that they fought.

"The price of liberty is eternal vigilance." James Madison

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