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I fancy very unique moving and colored horses, so when I saw an ad for Gold Card in "Dressage Today", I called the farm and said, "I just have to sculpt your stallion".

gold_card1.jpg (6051 bytes)   Equine Photography by Suzanne
  Copyright 1996

When Norsire Farm sent me the video I was astonished at what I was looking at. I had to take it to my friends who were more specialized in the sport of dressage. I had never seen horses move like that before, even some of the exhibition horses that had come to our international rodeos. My favorite breed has become the warmblood horse for all of its exaggerated movement, kind spirit and trainability.

I wanted to portray Gold Card in the movement that the judges find so spectacular: his absolute power and suspension and his elastic extension. I was so taken with this horse that I have purchased two of his fillies who live up to their sire's traits.

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